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The Hongyadong Hotel (Hongyadong Dajiudian) is situated in the popular Hongyadong scenic area.Rooms in this Chongqing hotel come with international direct dial telephones,  digital TVs,  safes,  mini bars and broadband Internet access.Diners can enjoy both Chinese and Western cuisines at the on-site dining outlets while listening to light music. Chinese hot pot is also available.[View Detail]             

住客评论 5638条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • luoxue
    Pretty good
  • franc314
    Have more characteristics of the hotel is a little noisy
  • advenpro2
    Facilities are very good, too many people is the feast, an elevator for a long time, and when the holiday price is a bit high, good location!
  • Alfred2012
    Hotel location very good in spots around inside eating places are within easy and very distinctive
  • macac
    Location in hongya cave scenic area 11, 1 and 11 floors link the ground, very interesting, Riverside rooms have views, but right next to the Metro, to sleep at night was very noisy, room provides earplugs, services are in place. riding Hotel elevators can link other layers, you can shop, eat, and is very convenient.
  • rain_lee
    Nice hotel, lived just to Hong ya cave at night, beautiful dream. Unfortunately there are rail used to be noisy, No 22 could not sleep!
  • eileenme
    Nice landscape on the edge of cakes and ALE
  • daisyliuyx
    Location very rod, live of hotel in 4 a, scenic within. floor appearance for Cliff Shang of Chinese stilts group, live of is 8 floor, open room of window, on can see Hong Ya group and the many visitors. in hotel of floors rest corridor, can ornamental jialing River, bridge and light rail. ointment of is, early up dining Shi, go in corridor in, smell to is thick of fume taste, feel row wind not Chang, air bad.
  • fayerus
    Help colleagues book, very satisfied
  • Merry790328
    Good location easy access, and Hong ya cave scenic spot, river view was beautiful. Hotel distinctive. it's very noisy at night, is not conducive to sleep.
  • e03213348
    Very good location and very clean
  • bobocool80
    Hotel environment is good, service attitude also good worth recommended only discontent place is reservation zhiqian wants to Advisory Xia morning to shop should scheduled several late right results attitude is bad, also special not patience words didn't said finished phone on buckle died has, if not friends sincere recommended directly on didn't want to live has, moments on feel impression bad didn't want to to, but to shop Hou lobby waiter and rooms waiter people are is good is diligent moments a sweep unpleasant.
  • Ruiting
    Good didn't say room service in the area is the Metro voices but the room provides earplugs
  • liuxingjiejie
    Hotel is 4 stars after all, device context is to force, and in the downtown area, very noisy
  • bendy
    Rooms to be on ya, by the river. window is closed by the cliff, don't live ... On the river is a river, in 6 above, you can see the. near the light rail bridge, slightly noisy, nice!
  • roybai
    Hotels in tourist attractions, shopping is very convenient. from Wangfujing, Carrefour, very close to the light rail! very beautiful at night!
  • Feifei4388
    Only Riverside Room nice! rest rooms, small, too noisy! next to light rail! well at the front desk, to change the room, is quite satisfied with the
  • nunywy
    Well ... Unfortunately not light.
    Have served the Middle pretty good
  • a80215
    Hotel location is very good, in hongya cave scenic spot, and there's a door directly to the street, city view platform is also good. room is facing the cliff cave, lighting is very bad, a little shy.
  • carmen0111
    You can also, more convenient facilities and some old, near the light rail, noisy, no light in the room.
  • miaomiao80
    Hotels in hongya cave scenic spot, the scenery is unique, there are snacks and bar street is convenient, the waiter service was good, but there will be next to the light rail from the noisy friend may consider other hotels to stay in. good hotels will go live.
  • eweng
    Hotels in decorating, eight starts, very loud, trying to sleep, best not to live.
  • aiyuggf
    Hotels in place open hongya cave attractions very close from jiefangbei. front desk located on the highest floor, rooms are located on its lower. quite special hotel. River view at night is beautiful, 4 places to eat downstairs, travel is also very convenient.
  • jeff2008
    That's good
  • e00080090
    Nice and clean and within the hongya cave scenic spot
  • cjm126
    Feel good, downstairs is the snack Street. very nice balcony, Nice.
  • leslieding
    Beautiful surroundings, particularly at night, is very beautiful, and the traffic is very convenient
  • lily_t21
    For more than 10 years old, I pound the living room night train a bit noisy
  • Annaming
    Hongya cave is a very romantic place, eat and play, and you can look at Riverview.
  • coco741852
    It's OK
  • luoaa1
    Hotel location is very good!
  • gd0757
    Hotel is located in the scenic area, very convenient. is the Riverside light rail pass, noisy ... but still want to stay one more night of Chongqing.
  • Gary Zhao
    Good location is close to the liberation monument. to and from the airport is also convenient. is Riverview can only see a little bit
  • gamaniam
    Hotel is good, the appearance of more features, but the room is not so good, level 5 is the kitchen restaurant, 7/f, 8/f, all double rooms have a smell of food, the price the room feel not worthy, but eat, drink easy
  • fangliang0527
    Health, hotel, good location
  • e01804735
    Good location, convenient
  • luanbr
    Not bad! is the room was a little small
  • Lulu baby
    Great hotel, in the hongya cave scenic, facilities are aligned, surrounded by places to eat, like home and restaurant food!
  • lious410
    Which is very nice
  • E04104212
    Very nice hotel!
  • ammantang
    Throughout the Chongqing complex terrain, people, traffic jams, too, hotels are under construction nearby, our car around a circle to find the hotel. Hotel features a lobby, 11/f, room down, in fact, is plentiful in this situation in Chongqing. Hongya cave is a commercial complex, and eat a lot at the edge of the hotel, very close from jiefangbei. lively lively, staff is also more complex, best property lifts can have a credit card machine, card guests canAccess to the hotel. Hotel facilities are old, but the staff attitude and did a good job training. Yes, our living rooms, if the river is a little better on the 10 floor, down, 9/f, 8/f, following some hongya Cave Hotel shop roof cover and thousands of fellow bridge next to the hotel is connected by a railway, when after I was very noisy
  • melody_9527
    Hotel was good, car will come to the light rail, the room was large, the precipice of dark, can't see at night in the evening, when you must live in Riverside, overall was good.
  • gs188563
    The traffic condition around the hotel was bad. There was road work in front of the hotel. Subway line 6 is passing by the hotel, causing big noise at some rooms of the hotel. The service attitude of the staff (frant desk and restaurant) was poor. At the current hotel rate, this hotel is NOT recommended.
  • bobing
    Very convenient, but Wifi is bad
  • movie
    Elegant environment, with local cultural characteristics, and riverside views.
  • ariari327
    Hongya cave fine, but noisy
  • wjjcll
    Hotels in the jialing River, great view. as other users have said that moment enters the room from the outside can smell any odor, for a moment, no. contact with the attendant is not much, feel-good.
  • GralyWu
    After midnight only to shop, service was very good, room clean ... recommended ...
  • babi18
    Oriented jialing River, is micro-Bo Shang fried have is hot of attractions. traffic convenient, away from liberation tablet is near, itself himself is Street. but hotel facilities slightly explicit old, after all also built fast 10 years has. Noise effect is bruising. next door room talk listening to have is clear, next door water heater a open, more is coax coax sound. also has bridge light rail and downstairs Street midnight Pack Shi trailer of rumble sound good ring.