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The Hongyadong Hotel (Hongyadong Dajiudian) is situated in the popular Hongyadong scenic area.Rooms in this Chongqing hotel come with international direct dial telephones,  digital TVs,  safes,  mini bars and broadband Internet access.Diners can enjoy both Chinese and Western cuisines at the on-site dining outlets while listening to light music. Chinese hot pot is also available.[View Detail]             

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  • Answerlen
    Very satisfied, can look at the River, is the most satisfactory in the room to make tea to enjoy River. satisfaction, satisfaction!
  • AJDingding
    Is the night view of the hotel, but room for surprise, although it is angle, but we had a huge terrace! night lamp is, the Chinese version of thousands of spirited away will appear in front of! really won't let down! of course to choose b or meet Red Cliff was very uncomfortable!
  • fineyarn
    Traffic around inconvenient to repair tattered nice
  • falcon
    Features of does have features. due to special of geographical, created has loft is front desk, following is rooms of special pattern. side room is Riverview, side is a cliff, can climbing. each layer out, are has a platform or shopping commodity, or street Riverview. environment no said, but also has compared obviously of shortcomings. cliff there of room too noisy has. night at 11 o'clock also was in play, also loud shouting, completely let people cannot rest. addition, hotel of wireless network in lateMeal time even up to two o'clock midnight better.
  • erntw
    Traffic is very convenient! very comfortable bed!
  • anniedan19
    Hotel position good health at the 315-3,172 room 315 room nights on the Wi-Fi Alliance does not rely on the river for a number of devices are not repaired the next day it still doesn't work, Riverside light rail from 6 to 11 o'clock in the evening was very noisy to quiet Riverside 2.3 star adventitious or not suitable for breakfast price is worth over more than 500
  • liang_wei0113
    Chongqing will stay this hotel, location was good, recommended
  • river0830
    In online saw everyone recommended also selected has this shop, as everyone said of hotel itself is hongya cave landscape, compared regrets of is, I selected of Riverview room, but floors low, and outside of eaves blocked has sight, see missing landscape, and front desk communication, front desk said left of Riverview room near light rail, voice will noisy, so gave up, other I are is satisfaction, service attitude worth certainly, and away from liberation tablet also very near, yihou also will live.
  • fangxiongya2011
    Antique hotel was good but I don't like this type of guest still do not live across the Salt River there is a nice paper hot pot-Zambia
  • bbob999
    Hotels in the area, especially at night, also beautiful at night, there will be thousands of spirited film, is the light rail opened, a bit noisy.
  • mawaya
    Came here too fond of here, architecture is quite distinctive, and river view at night is beautiful, most notably 4 floor of the hotel is very convenient snack Street, stay a few nights all kinds of food to eat is not enough
  • guopower
    Which is very nice
  • domomo51
    This hotel is really good, location, facilities, hygiene, service is good, and the inner rooms are particularly quiet, very good! well worth it to live well!
  • lianglan2011
    Traffic is very convenient, convenient,
  • Bruce_lin52
    Sanitation is very nice! great location! booked no Riverview room, behind the living room is a cliff! room black! also uninterrupted light rail through the sound, if it is not good friends to choose Jiang Jingfang!
  • Bennettc
    Which is very nice
  • amandaapple
    Convenient. from jiefangbei walk to. Hotel soundproofing is poor. rest well. THUMP does not know where to wear to early sound.
  • daapeng
    Location very good, itself a part of hongya cave scenic spot, typical structure on stilts, is near from the jiefangbei. sanitation is good, reception service is also pretty good, near the light rail, a bit noisy, individuals can be accepted.
  • cacaodurant
    Very good
  • EALIO Anin
    Hotel belongs to the iconic building in Chongqing, hotels old, our open living room window is the cliff. the book must pay attention to this point, is especially convenient around, downstairs to eat anything ... is a hotel for tourists.
  • realsea
    Located in Hong Ya cave, little Swan top. facilities in some old, clean ... great night. rich morning. but the shower noise.
  • linda8040
    Good location, good environment, good service, very satisfied, come back next time.
  • babyface6656
    Environmental services are good
  • canceryan
    Geographical environment and accommodation very good, highly recommended!
  • cplui
    Overall it feels good
  • Logan
    Parking and lift was not very convenient
  • coolgogogo
    Hotel vision is incredibly open. rooms have a small balcony, got up in the morning, you can see the fog suojiang. nice
  • fayerus
    Help colleagues book, very satisfied
  • FENG Chinese herbal medicine
    Hotel is located in the downtown area at night feeling good is a good choice for travel only bad was slightly noisy
  • jintao221
    Facilities, attractions, convenient hotel just as if not enough atmosphere, stay a few nights, only for the first night his slippers.
  • anna114
    Environmental service good location
  • fatteng
    Bar is too noisy outside, affect the rest! immediately for the hotel the next day.
  • Alaye
    Good second stay at
  • Caeleon
    Hotel location is also very convenient, good, jiefangbei walk, chaotianmen not far from airport by taxi less than 50 Yuan, eating convenience. hotel services very good. larger suites can see Riverview, is too far from the elevator, in the end ... don't know if 8-floor suite so far.
  • anniegao
    All right
  • danei0015
  • e00185537
    Advantages of good location, located in hongya cave shopping district, decorated, well-equipped facilities. Shortcomings booked 4 ya, some large teeth in the clay out of the window, it is recommended that ladies don't open the window at night. Start around 6 o'clock the morning line light rail through the big noise
  • dora333
    River, great view, is close to light rail, quite noisy at night
  • gongcao
    A tentative reservation, ample room, antique, feel good, surrounding facilities, hotel gives required room
  • xym903
    Moldy walls, light rail is very noisy, good design.
  • liuer55
    And we think it's great.
  • leslievan
    Location is very good!
  • eweng
    Hotels in decorating, eight starts, very loud, trying to sleep, best not to live.
  • idayang810903
    Location is very good, if travel is a good option. the reception is not very good
  • ceano
    Which is very nice
  • A127182
    Hotel is very good, highly recommended!
  • freesunny
    Hotel is very very good, bed King size family room, ideal for a family of three.
  • Lulu baby
    Great hotel, in the hongya cave scenic, facilities are aligned, surrounded by places to eat, like home and restaurant food!
  • cjaonjdoy
    Close to hongyadong, from the river dozens of metres, environment is great! but surrounding roads, traffic is a bit poor
  • e02540816
    Hongya cave landscape in the region, eating around liberation monument, be sure to choose can see Riverview the other side of the room, or else in a bomb shelter, thousand fellow next door light rail on the bridge is open, was awakened by the sound of the garage in less than 7 o'clock in the morning, unable to sleep.