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The Hongyadong Hotel (Hongyadong Dajiudian) is situated in the popular Hongyadong scenic area.Rooms in this Chongqing hotel come with international direct dial telephones,  digital TVs,  safes,  mini bars and broadband Internet access.Diners can enjoy both Chinese and Western cuisines at the on-site dining outlets while listening to light music. Chinese hot pot is also available.[View Detail]             

住客评论 5237条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • e00821335
    Great location next to the river is well hongya cave scenic spot very convenient
  • E00502445
    Great location! style good! Road construction at the entrance, access is not easy! Equipment and facilities against: air conditioners transferred to withstand the wind, still a lot of noise! toilet drains always have running water, estimated not soundproofed, PVC pipe, not cast iron. rooms are not soundproof, Hall's voice is clear. There is in the decoration of the room, also affects! light voice is always coming. relative to the price, not worth it!
  • yoyo0327
    Very unique, the river scenery is very good, and also a lot of places to eat around, busy. disadvantage is poor insulation of the room, next to light rail, sound is very noisy.
  • lilian731
    Hotel itself is attractions, comfortable environment, convenient to the liberation monument, elderly residents were happy!
  • jiessie1980
    Antique arrangement in the room, the hotel on the edge of a cliff
  • billow_feng
    Convenient location, clean hotel, good service
  • Ma tt
    Internal services are good, is the location a little bit biased, jiefangbei compared to other hotels, the hotel Riverview, is very good. and can visit snack Street. was very convenient.
  • anniewmy
    Surrounding environment good
  • y123456
    If service can give negative scores well, garbage, out guests, seen the worst hotel
  • DiamondNStar
    Hall in 11 floor, door in road, just to hotel of when family also said set of hotel not too to force. put finished luggage out of four floor Hou, completely was night beauty stay has. only of not too satisfaction of place is by light rail too near, will very noisy, but Hotel intimate to in bed prepared has earplugs, sleep bad of recommends in front desk do staying Shi as soon as possible proposed. light rail probably night 11 o'clock end, morning seems six points more on began run has.
  • oucfairy
    Really good location, xiaoshi light rail station, very close to the exit 9th, Carrefour is also in the vicinity. surrounded by food, estimated spend a week eating out. Nice, decor is also very good, send breakfast can also, haha, overall very satisfied, if the package at the hotel more is better
  • ericleewx
    Good, in hongya cave, easy-
  • liujie_ecs
    Well, lots, price
  • foxbatu
    Very nice hotel, the clock like an elevator, very unique!
  • n_n "fire man"
    Really nice hotel, very beautiful, convenient, chaotianmen, jiefangbei. recommended
  • Logan
    Parking and lift was not very convenient
  • coldwing
    Feel bad, the hotel is not Windows
  • tigerlee2004
  • St.Aragon
    Best feeling in Chongqing.
  • liliuyilan
    Apart from the sound is a little weak, otherwise very good
  • pandajoy
    Zhiqian times to Chongqing this are is local tour of last a attractions, hotel building is that stilts style of, is has features, especially night bright up red of lights, against with must beauty of Riverview more is let people has Dim dream of sense, can't help but let you reminds in Ming and Qing dynasties times of pod door Terminal busy of scene, more Miss Republic Shi of flowers, Johnson of Fame, war of cruel, various mind took heart, Chongqing, is a seat magic of city, both she of beautiful, alsoHer mystery, always let people wear a feeling of déjà vu seems to be past and present with the city forms an inseparable bond. but all this only in hongya Cave Hotel, standing on top of the tower overlooking the River, or in the window looking at the other side of the room, will have this feeling. Thanks to Chongqing, thank hongya Cave Hotel. Hotel facilities, room clean and tidy, staff attentive attitude, feel is different than Chongqing hotel last night, Metro xiaoshiStanding not far, value for money is excellent, from the chaotianmen dock and the liberation monument is a step away, no exaggeration to say that this hotel is definitely the best choice for travel to Chongqing!
  • epargne
    Riverview rooms, downstairs is the snack Street
  • lesliao
    Hotel location, traffic, around environment are is good, landscape also very has features, only cannot accept of is Metro on from hotel above through, cannot stand morning began of ROAR sound, serious effect rest, also is the hotel of a big features's, key is hotel staff does not told this a special problem, addition a features is surface ya of room points not clear day night, must to open lamp only line. certainly, everyone can with Metro of work time to judge outside of morning andNight time!
  • suny5005
    Reserved for family members, saying it was good, had feared much noise appear as if nothing happens
  • xu_gangtao
    Hotel is part of hongya cave scenic spot, night night, around around pretty good. around transport facilities, jiefangbei shopping convenient subway. facility slightly old, overall was good, service was okay. ointment is the room very well, opened next to the Metro noise, a little noisy.
  • doomsdoy112
    Hotel is best reflected in Chongqing, Hong ya cave itself is a great attractions, near from jiefangbei, room was large, 866 room curtains is the mountain, standing above a lot of dummies, night terror
  • dfbbaya
    Good choice, convenience, good environment.
  • dean_yan
    A very good seat, car park
  • xiangjianlan
    Hongya cave scenic spot, very convenient, everything is right around and playing
  • sdwater
    Old hotel, good location, walk to the liberation monument is very convenient, if those who buy small gifts can stroll within the hongya cave settlement. Due to alterations in the vicinity, on Monday when the room was a bit noisy, on Saturday and Sunday, the room was very quiet. It is worth mentioning that, breakfast good, can be supplied to ten in the morning.
  • j5675560
    Nice environment. Travel convenience
  • liluder
    Pretty good! the surrounding environment is very beautiful!
  • terence0718
    Location is good, but Chongqing's drivers didn't know how to walk, harm my upstairs and downstairs looking for for a long time, until I found the hotel lobby.
  • fiona0329
    It's OK
  • my_sofa
    River room effect does not work as expected, but should be sunny, room is big, there are Mahjong table, reflecting the lifestyle of ease in Chongqing, Hong ya cave at night is beautiful, just live in it, is not the truth. it is convenient, door snack Street. next time you come about.
  • AI mosquito mosquito
    Excellent value, good environment and convenient
  • ll369497160
    Good location, environmental noise, others can also.
  • bmcc489
    Nice easy to drink
  • Jerry Liu
    Environment too noisy
  • cassiewan
    Hotel location is very good, the window you can see the scenery. below is the snack Street, very unique. room style is simple, Windows are wood-frame, is not closed, a little peace of mind at night.
  • AlexLex
    Hotel location is very good, Yan Hong dong area. under lift, 4/f, is the food court, night scene is very beautiful at night, voices of light rail vehicles are acceptable, in General recommended.
  • cici0214
    Hotels in Hong ya cave above, is very convenient. hotel rooms are clean and comfortable.
  • jasonlee123456
    Good location, are places of interest, but the gap has been operating as a hotel and four star
  • IBM214
    Nice is slightly in the evening on the edge of the bar is a bit noisy
  • cl1986158
    This national play of several city, feel Chongqing hongya cave big hotel is live had of hotel in most comfortable of a a. health is clean, although stall looks some old, so to people some not clean of illusion. bedding health do have is good! general Shang is good, hotel of staff is friendly, is overall equipment facilities old has some. on in hongya cave scenic within, sat hotel elevator to 4 floor on has snacks Street, very rod! to Wangfujing and times square walk 5 minutes onThe location is also very good. Riverview room, room view not is great! but have a helpless weakness, light rail? light rail when he passed the bridge will hear a sound in the room?
  • e00162436
    General hotel facilities, staff were first principles! is not flexible, surroundings very good! hotel landscape is worth living, simply high hotel prices, value 300-400
  • long1681
    Hotel is very nice, and then, around super beautiful! excellent value!
  • stcyjiawei
    The scenery is beautiful, good, and good living conditions, standard rooms all have a bath and a computer, this is one of the best I've ever lived, next to Hong ya cave scenic spot, snacks and more, 32-Zambia.
  • FoxMi
    Price can't
  • fuananda
    Right in the River, not far from jiefangbei. facilitated.