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The Hongyadong Hotel (Hongyadong Dajiudian) is situated in the popular Hongyadong scenic area.Rooms in this Chongqing hotel come with international direct dial telephones,  digital TVs,  safes,  mini bars and broadband Internet access.Diners can enjoy both Chinese and Western cuisines at the on-site dining outlets while listening to light music. Chinese hot pot is also available.[View Detail]             

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  • ceci_83
  • gd0757
    Hotel is located in the scenic area, very convenient. is the Riverside light rail pass, noisy ... but still want to stay one more night of Chongqing.
  • jeff6712
    Because of holidays, decline in overall service quality of hotel, 4 star hotel in China still needed improvement, hotels should learn advanced the concept of customer service, thank you!
  • evence
    Overall good ... But health within the scenic area has an impact on hotels ...
  • e00143690
    Good location, very suitable for beginning to stay in Chongqing, shopping eating is also convenient.
  • StaceySun
    Hotel location very nice, location was good, very good, service very good.
  • e01859845
    Geographical location and the surrounding scenery is good, but some older services can't keep up!
    Loved the place, surrounded by convenient, the bed very comfortable
  • banxiadanggui
    Bad sound insulation, old rooms facilities! good waiter service!
  • Candy Baoma
    Hotels is a mountain of features, see the night scene is very beautiful place was right next to the light rail, really noisy, hotel more carefully the earplugs.
  • angela_js
    Is the elevator problem. very good
  • aoieongcat
    In the area, cost is not high, but aimed at, saw good night, experience the building of a fortress built by the mountain, eating is very convenient for shopping around, quite satisfactory.
  • Moli519
    Overall, is the price a little expensive! medical Conference may affect it!
  • ongin
    Find parking, elevators are not direct, to go twice more trouble. hongyadong, eating very convenient. beaches and hot pot restaurants, can smell the smell of hot pot.
  • leali1986
    Location facilities in General feels good, nice one!
  • miaomiao437
    Hongya Cave Hotel is located in scenic areas, see Riverview, playing around a lot, also in Chongqing. rooms are quaint, clean, fully facilities. in general feel good, but when you forget to take pyjamas, arrived home and found the next day, call the hotel, actually said no, it was really disappointing!
  • Bulls34
    Very good hotel, very characteristic room, the town's unique feel and not too picky you can try a bed and breakfasts
  • aoieongcat
    Select must be selected on the river side of the room, open the window because the other side is the cliff cave, very spooky. with the option of 8 per cent, or bad sight. additional room, really loud.
  • lsx0726
    Convenient, not far from the subway. facilities.
  • ruddylii
    Great health is very clean, and the hotel itself is a landmark hongya cave, where is very convenient, is downstairs hongya cave Street, ready to eat snacks, really very good, Chongqing will choose next time?
  • daysdays
    In Chongqing of last day, select has hongya cave. set of when specifically requirements has to Riverview good of, arrangements in has 8 floor light rail side Shang of room, Windows side is light rail, is noisy! coordination for to has 7 floor of room, area big has, with a small balcony, following is Street, night to is late to quiet. hotel of facilities also good, Chinese decoration, feel building features.
  • fay1234
    The hotel location is good very characteristic is strongly recommended
  • dddwwwbbb1967
    Waiter didn't know what to say is not familiar with business knowledge is service so bad, when I ask a question, 'what's on my pre authorized a few business days to refund the card?' she; ' How do I know you asked Internet companies ', well, I instantly silent, next time don't live!
  • angelfly
    Service service at night, around the lively
  • digcn
    Location good, this wants to scheduled Riverside room type but need credit card guarantees, due to no credit card guarantees only take prepaid way scheduled of surface ya room, pushed Windows black a, dark horror of Cliff tentacles can and the, had to to most fast of speed closed does not dare open, so Windows shaped with virtual didn't, whole between room within full has bathroom drainage pipeline distributed out of smell, was breathing not Chang. other of are OK's, just think 588 of price somewhat small cause!
  • CalvinLei
    Hotel is very characteristic, around easily, determine which is on Line 6 line light-rail noise, Chongqing and Shanghai Metro operation ended late nights 11:30 light rail pass ...
  • macac
    Location in hongya cave scenic area 11, 1 and 11 floors link the ground, very interesting, Riverside rooms have views, but right next to the Metro, to sleep at night was very noisy, room provides earplugs, services are in place. riding Hotel elevators can link other layers, you can shop, eat, and is very convenient.
  • lavender608
    By Cliff's room uncomfortable, young was selected by the river is good
    Lovely, hongya cave is the Mall, but the edge is Metro and restaurants, too noisy, 11, rooms are a little expensive, for such a noisy place, a bit not worth!
  • bluepen
    In the Center, but the elevators from the parking lot to the hotel too long for people who do not drive
  • sunsmile_38
    Nice hotel, good location, convenient, easy to eat ... ...
  • Taryn
    Very satisfied with the accommodation although it is dark outside the window does not know what weather is like, don't say it but sanitation, traffic convenient, breakfast was good
  • bai__jian
    Just beneath the subway, noisy
  • JessyMyBaby
    This hotel is located in the downtown area, room facilities and sanitation still can, but very convenient for self-driving tour friends, parking is very difficult. staff attitudes vary day shift staff attitude is very poor, thin waiter for single night very good quality. in summary words; not suitable for self-driving tour friends live
  • e00135698
    Location perfect, is has national features, is facilities compared old is, first late room near light rail, is is noisy is not Hotel said of 7-23 points run, actual almost 24 hours, noise not is of big, cannot sleep. behind 3 days to for has away from have far some of location, slightly better. is floors low has, landscape not best. service good, almost responsive. added bed also good not wire simple bed.
  • groclaire
    Renovation no
  • luoaa1
    Hotel location is very good!
  • Bradssl
    Which is very nice
  • ayu monotonously over
    Easily accessible, the number of visitors, the scenery is good
  • jy02541551
    Very good friends and they are very satisfied with the facilities also good peripheral also very complete
  • dandan8535
    Love this hotel so much, is very characteristic, the room very comfortable. view outside the super nice hotel the night the invincible, required Grand Hotel, Chongqing
  • a80215
    Hotel location is very good, in hongya cave scenic spot, and there's a door directly to the street, city view platform is also good. room is facing the cliff cave, lighting is very bad, a little shy.
  • Tenderness
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • yotta
    Location is very convenient, very beautiful at night, not the legend of noisy
  • ll_mm
    Rates generally depends on the Cliff House, to turn on the light in the daytime. room very good, clean and comfortable.
  • jianggg
    Environment class
  • crossroses
    During national health service prices are not very good, room is too tide
  • amyyming
    From the river close. Riverview room
    Hongya cave scenic spot, interesting hotels. need to change at floor hotel dedicated to the 11 floor, or directly take the attractions to the 11 floor.
  • anuo75
    Good location, convenient, convenient dining ... ...