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Chongqing: 'web celebrity city' with the development of new coordinates

Date: 2019-07-13

Chongqing, 11.36 billion times;Xi 'an, 8.91 billion times;Chengdu, 8.88 billion times...In the latest image of the city in 2018 by the trill short video broadcast data, a pressure line of the city is in the western city.And popular on the network synchronization, in China's economic map, the rise of the Midwestern city is a major bright spot.

Short video platform, and drive the onstage, "web celebrity economy" as the phenomenon of a new economic model, and the rise of "web celebrity city" largely "web celebrity economy" refraction in urban development.Many people think that "web celebrity city" hot but city image communication is good, does not represent the richness and strength of the city.Indeed, in the city in a short video image and the reality of the power do have differences, such as last year's trill, headline index and national image communication research center of tsinghua university city brand laboratory jointly issued the short video and urban image research paper, had pointed out that short video platform "hot style city", in the power of culture is far did not reach so high.

But web celebrity economic effect has been revealed.Chongqing, the unique landform has produced a number of "web celebrity attractions", during the period of "May Day" this year, only to realize tourism revenue of 20 billion yuan, up 33.5%;A "chengdu", make "tavern" literary youth yearning place, a giant panda "rolling", make "panda powder to the land of abundance", supplemented by local governments "rong float plan", successfully attracted many young people go to rong development, entrepreneurship, and life...

"Routine", in fact, whether it's marketing image of the city XuanJie, "web celebrity city" growth trajectory, it is the reality of urban development path to explore.With a song, a video, closer to the city with the public, present different characteristics, humanistic amorous feelings, to the public of novelty, attract more talents and capital to promote city to accelerate development, that is the goal of "web celebrity city".

City, of course, in order to achieve high quality development, the final spell or hard nuclear power industry development.But the rise of "web celebrity city" of urban development with the new coordinates.The Midwest city's rapid development, is a good example.