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Online booking guest The high level of appearance beautiful is very important

Date: 2018-05-28

When online photo looks very delicate, it is very suitable for use on the online marketing of the hotel.On the contrary, when a picture look bad, put it on the Internet for the hotel won't have any benefits, even it may also prevent the guest booking the hotel.After all, people is a kind of visual animals.

On trivago, those on the image to create a star image of the hotel has attracted 96% of hits, at the same time high quality image display in the gallery hits 63% higher than low quality images of clicks.

Not only can attract the attention of the guests, the guests have seen hotel prices and geographical location, the hotel's image plays a decisive role in influence the guest's booking.

Why is that?Because the visual content on an emotional level to attract guests.

Your hotel picture better than any other types of content, because you have painted a good experience for the guest, let them to stay in your hotel full of expectation.The hotel's image can help potential guests you imagine the image of the hotel.For example, stay in the spacious room, sleeping on the comfortable and luxurious bed, in the charming restaurant to enjoy the delicious breakfast...

Travelers want to be described as a hotel guest.In your social media and general meta search, and the hotel's official website, online business for the hotel to add delicate and beautiful visual images to attract the attention of the travelers.

When you do this at the same time, you also for your own hotel to shape the image of a full of temptation, it will also attract more and more customers of online booking.