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重慶洪崖洞ホテル (Hongyadong Hotel Chongqing), ホテルは網紅景区-洪崖洞民俗風貌区の中にあります。観光スポット11階の都市ベランダにあります。解放碑、揚子江ロープウェイ、国泰大劇場から歩いて行けば、天門埠頭に向かって歩いて15分ぐらいで、ホテル周辺のライトレール1号線、2号線、6号線から歩いて5分ぐらいで行けます。
クチコミ 詳細
    Not second!
  • aodin465239052
    In addition to the location, really isn't worth the price, to a hotel room yet, have to wait 40 minutes, 40 minutes, told they haven't packed, but also, in fact, the price selected really many, next time won't come again
  • e05718913
    To advise the members of the hotel River view, if you do not intend to live in the most expensive room, then spent four hundred or five hundred caves prepared, don't be fooled by the pictures, which few can see the hotel River view room, other rooms were impermeable to even light. Others won't say, normal.
  • silvery
    Really good, easy to go anywhere. service was excellent
  • csxsdyf
    Surrounding the location and appearance of the hotel is absolutely nothing to say, very good! but slightly less hotel's services and facilities.
  • bestwangyi
    Good location, above the hongyadong, pitch jiefangbei 10 minutes, facility location, is near the bridge room a bit noisy, heard the sound light, note to selected rooms.
  • fanny-
    The only drawback, no Windows
  • fatteng
    Bar is too noisy outside, affect the rest! immediately for the hotel the next day.
  • boiboi21
    Good location, is an attraction, inside space, others are good.
  • goguma
    Nice, someone shoot the wedding, easy to eat, very noisy
  • waterbaidu
    Good terrain with a nice Concierge of the hotel janitor nice patient girl tell you all, love many times never get tired of all this thanks
  • jiangxy330
    Great and very unique-to select it next time-
  • lovefei0104
    Light rail on the hotel has a large effect
  • e02811181
    And Hong ya cave scenic spot is one, so staying here visiting Hong ya Cave the best, and play live with, back any time to rest, diet rich in taste, the hotel itself is quite distinctive, and thoughtful service, recommended.
  • aigou1969
    Hotel is really sweet, aunt sent a birthday cake to us, really touched it up
  • aoieongcat
    Select must be selected on the river side of the room, open the window because the other side is the cliff cave, very spooky. with the option of 8 per cent, or bad sight. additional room, really loud.
  • Amang001
    Hotel room is big, also super convenient location. the layout of the room is very characteristic, the scenery is very beautiful in the lobby ... the only drawback is, near the light rail, so it was a bit noisy
  • e04425800
    Hotel is clean, good service, good location, hotel elevator on the Red Cliff cave, 5 minutes to walk to the liberation Monument 15 minutes to chaotianmen Wharf, Hong ya cave, room is not very good with lots of bars, night bars can be heard singing voice
  • linxujia
    Friend quite satisfied, but this time rooms smell of smoke concentrated, wonder if your hotel has a better deodorization methods (air freshener matter, rich smoke. are there smoking?). Distinctive, if there is no subway noise better. tourism preference of Chongqing.
  • d00759291
    Initially afraid of making any noise or room is not good, staying at found is in the right place, which is very convenient, Hong ya cave is the most beautiful in the evening!
  • fxfx1234
    Thousands of spirited story, like living a fairy tale, very good
  • e00143690
    Good location, very suitable for beginning to stay in Chongqing, shopping eating is also convenient.
  • snoopy_ssy
    Nice hotel good location but too little lift
  • sulin
    Nice hotel away from the attractions are very close!
  • pcboy
    Overall good
  • lanyao1029
    River-very good price is a bit expensive. higher than Hilton
  • Bravo
    That's good
  • E04213999
  • bianliwei
    Hotel is part of hongya cave scenic spot, night night, around around pretty good. around transport facilities, jiefangbei shopping convenient subway. facility slightly old, overall was good, service was okay. ointment is the room very well, opened next to the Metro noise, a little noisy.
  • erntw
    Traffic is very convenient! very comfortable bed!
  • nonofei
    On the waterfront, the traffic is very convenient, please select the b-room. If a window is wall
  • liujige
    Good, ya no thought room Jiang Hao, the result is a very quiet, very good sleep
  • allenson
    Beautiful Chongqing hotel is very good, very convenient, then living in this
  • bjjdjl
    Hotel next to light rail noise can affect the rest of the hotel seats really convenient
  • swei668
    Stay conveniently in the area, but the toilet is leaking, the housing is a bit old
  • FENG Chinese herbal medicine
    Hotel is located in the downtown area at night feeling good is a good choice for travel only bad was slightly noisy
  • e00236767
    The location is good and convenient, hotel is very characteristic, not bad.
  • lubell
    Come to Chongqing to play live in this, the split level room, room was great, tall French Windows, along with a small courtyard, night you can sit there and watch a river view, very comfortable! very quiet surrounding is also very convenient, hotel elevator directly to hongyadong, a lot of snacks, walking distance to the liberation monument, to stay here next time.
  • luoxue
    Pretty good
  • franc314
    Have more characteristics of the hotel is a little noisy
  • advenpro2
    Facilities are very good, too many people is the feast, an elevator for a long time, and when the holiday price is a bit high, good location!
  • Alfred2012
    Hotel location very good in spots around inside eating places are within easy and very distinctive
  • macac
    Location in hongya cave scenic area 11, 1 and 11 floors link the ground, very interesting, Riverside rooms have views, but right next to the Metro, to sleep at night was very noisy, room provides earplugs, services are in place. riding Hotel elevators can link other layers, you can shop, eat, and is very convenient.
  • rain_lee
    Nice hotel, lived just to Hong ya cave at night, beautiful dream. Unfortunately there are rail used to be noisy, No 22 could not sleep!
  • eileenme
    Nice landscape on the edge of cakes and ALE
  • daisyliuyx
    Location very rod, live of hotel in 4 a, scenic within. floor appearance for Cliff Shang of Chinese stilts group, live of is 8 floor, open room of window, on can see Hong Ya group and the many visitors. in hotel of floors rest corridor, can ornamental jialing River, bridge and light rail. ointment of is, early up dining Shi, go in corridor in, smell to is thick of fume taste, feel row wind not Chang, air bad.
  • fayerus
    Help colleagues book, very satisfied
  • Merry790328
    Good location easy access, and Hong ya cave scenic spot, river view was beautiful. Hotel distinctive. it's very noisy at night, is not conducive to sleep.
  • e03213348
    Very good location and very clean
  • bobocool80
    Hotel environment is good, service attitude also good worth recommended only discontent place is reservation zhiqian wants to Advisory Xia morning to shop should scheduled several late right results attitude is bad, also special not patience words didn't said finished phone on buckle died has, if not friends sincere recommended directly on didn't want to live has, moments on feel impression bad didn't want to to, but to shop Hou lobby waiter and rooms waiter people are is good is diligent moments a sweep unpleasant.